UK and western governments pursue regime change in Syria without UN authorisation

Having failed to get the resolution passed which would have led to NATO bombing of Syria, Western governments (speaking through Malcolm Rifkind and Lord Williams, BBC News Today) are now talking about a ‘coalition of the willing’ (as per Iraq) to overthrow the government of Syria. All pretence of legitimacy abandoned and the desire of western governments to impose regime change could not be more naked. The BBC is playing its part as ever : it keeps talking about ‘people’ being killed by Syrian army whist ignoring that there is actually an armed uprising, fuelled by western governments. Lord Williams admitted that western governments are supplying arms to rebels on BBC news today.
This was folllowed by Lord Owen who says Britain should listen to Israel’s advice regarding Syria because ‘they know that country’. He also talks about use of British forces in Cyprus, via Turkey! Wow they must be getting desperate to overthrow the Syrian government. Question is, why? The humanitarian concerns are of course bogus : if those were an issue then why no action against Saudi, Bahrain, dozens of other countries. I think the answer is that Syria is ‘on the list’ : the US plan for regime change in 7 countries as explained by General Wesley Clark in 2007. Those countries are Iraq, Lybia, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, Iran.
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