Killing Afghans? That’s fine. Protesting against it? That’s a crime!

Yesterday, a young activist was jailed for peacefully protesting against crimes committed by her own government. If you’re trying to figure out why you can’t remember seeing anything about this on the evening news, you’re wasting your time.
Maya Evans is not an Iranian, Russian or Zimbabwean dissident, but a British young woman protesting against British official policies. You won’t be hearing about her story because, as far as most of the media is concerned, there is no story.
Maya was jailed for 13 days for her principled refusal to pay £300 in fines and costs incurred after a court case in November 2009.

She was arrested in May that year for taking part in a nonviolent “die-in for NATO’s victims in Afghanistan” outside Britain’s military base at Northwood, an action held to mark the second anniversary of a NATO bombing attack, on 27 May 2007, that killed 47 Afghan civilians.

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