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Bahrain murders civilians as Grand Prix goes ahead

Libya – video of ‘rebels’ killing civilians

‘US, Israel behind terrorism and social unrest in Syria’

Paul Sheldon Foote, professor at the California State University, Irvine:

I think it’s time that someone started telling the truth about it. It’s very obvious that America, Israel and some Arab countries are behind this terrorism in Syria.

UK army major says Afghanistan war lost, politicians trading soldiers lives for votes

Dr Peter Lee, a university lecturer who spent seven years as an RAF padre, has released the emails from British soldiers serving in Afghanistan to highlight the extent of disillusionment within the ranks. The correspondence includes two emails sent by a major on the brink of a fresh deployment to the region. He likens the prospect to ‘being put on for the last two minutes of a lost game’ of rugby.

In his article printed below, Dr Lee describes this as ‘enough time to get hurt, badly,  and perhaps enough time to make the defeat fractionally less embarrassing. But there is no chance that defeat can be turned into victory’.

Video of Syrian ‘Rebels’ murdering an innocent civilian.

The Syrian ‘opposition’ / ‘rebels’ in action. VERY disturbing scenes of civilian murder, taken from mobile phone of an ‘opposition’ / ‘rebel’ ‘fighter’.

Incidentally, why do the western media call these people ‘opposition’ / ‘rebels’ when their equivalents in Iraq or Afghanistan are invariably ‘insurgents’, ‘extremists’ or ‘terrorists’.

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