Libya – video of ‘rebels’ killing civilians


Video of mercenaries who killed the Libyans of the Jamahiriya – Images Banned From Al Jazeera


Libye – La vidéo de mercenaires qui tuaient les Libyens de la Jamahiriya – Des images interdites que El Jazeera (29 avril 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar Libya, this video is showing a huge convoy of Western European type rebel commandos.
Recruited mercenaries to wage war against  the Jamahiriya army.
The convoy is waiting to enter into the city last fight in Sirte.
These images have not been shown by the TV channels of Al Jazeera and Al Arabia.
The war of the NEW generation: a MEDIA warfare by MEANS of Arab television channels + one war in the field by using Western mercenaries.

The Timeline of the war in Libya:

– Demonizing the Libyan leader and his army.

– Bombing the cities.

– Send mercenaries to complete the dirty work.

– Creating conflicts between the tribes.

– Sowing the chaos in Libya.

– Stealing and extract oil free of charge.


Wake up you Libyans!!




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