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Friends of Syria

An unbelievable leaked video of an auction for a suicide bomber against Syria! This takes place in a hotel conference room in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The atmosphere is festive, and the audience has children in it. But the merchandise auctioned is human flesh and blood!
The video shows the father, abu-salah, attending the auction and offering his son Khaled as sacrifice.The father receives 1.5 million Riyals ($400,000) as future compensation for his son’s demise in Syria. At one point in the video, the father is elated at the high bids.
What kind of father sells his son? What kind of person pays to have a stranger blow himself up? These are questions that Saudi Arabia, Gulf Arab states, Obama, Hillary Clinton and Europeans must answer because of their support of these terrorists in Syria.


Many commentators and apologists are claiming that this is a “charity fundraiser” for the stricken…

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The US and Arab allies are sending arms and aid in large quantities to the Syrian ‘rebels’


The US and Arab allies are sending arms and aid in large quantities to the Syrian ‘rebels’

Rebels fighting the Assad regime have begun receiving significantly more and better weapons in recent weeks, an effort paid for by Persian Gulf nations and coordinated in part by the United States.

‘Americans don’t share global domination policies of their leaders’

Not reported by the BBC : US troops accused of torture in Iraq and Afghanistan in war crimes trial

KUALA LUMPUR – Former Iraqi detainee Abbas Abid told a War Crimes Tribunal in sworn testimony that he was “tortured” in Baghdad during questioning by “American troops”, who had demanded names of “terrorists” in his neighborhood during the invasion to oust strongman Saddam Hussein in August 2005.


Abbas Abid, who is the tribunal’s first witness, said he was brought to the Al-Muthanna Brigade headquarters, where he was “beaten, electrocuted and threatened of being shot after the soldiers failed to obtain any names”.


Libya – before and after Gaddaffi

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