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Syrian state media accuse Qatar of making models of Syrian cities to create fake videos


SANA, the Syrian government news agency, which is also the government publishing house, has accused Qataris of making models of Syrian cities in order to create fake videos “aimed at misleading the public opinion about what is going on in Syria.”

The report published on Thursday on SANA’s website, which is now available for unknown reasons, quotes “special sources” who assert that a security company in Qatar “specialised in manufacturing models” has started fabricating replica of “official buildings and squares in Damascus, Aleppo and Lattakia” in al-Zoubareh, a region near Doha, the capital city of the state of Qatar.

The article continues “The sources quoted eye witnesses as saying that the company started gathering people to make them wear special customs [sic] to represent military personnel and photographers as if from the Syrian TV channels and prepared public, private and military cars with fake Syrian registration plates to film fake videos and fabricated photos about the situation in Syria.”


UK forces aiding the ‘rebels’ (you know the guys who use car bombs to assassinate people)

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