Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Commits (political) Suicide

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Commits (political) Suicide

At the age of 59 and after 19 years in politics, the Muslim Brotherhood  Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Commits Suicide, politically. He ended his political life by shooting his feet excessively until he succumbed to his wounds. The Islamic world would remember the Caliph wannabe for his play act at The World Economic Forum in 2009 in front of his close friend the Israeli president Shimon Peres when he felt disappointed after opening Turkey’s doors widely to him and his Zionist state, Erdoğan invited Peres to address the Turkish parliament in 2007, an opportunity the Turkish juntas before Erdoğan never accepted.

The Muslim Brotherhood organization ties with the Zionism movement are no secrets, both share the same ideology of extremism, built on hate speech and sponsored by the same western powers. Replacing the current sovereign states in the region with only 2 was the old renewed goal of the international coalition of evil, led by the British empire with local tools, one would be the ‘Jewish’ state Israel under the leadership of Zionists, and the other would be a Wahhabi Caliphate under the, well they didn’t decide yet as there are 3 contenders: Turkish Erdoğan, any Saudi monarch survivor or the Emperor of Qatar Hamad. While the ‘Jewish’ state of Israel will be a single coherent ‘pure’ of non-Jewish people one central government state, the other Wahhabi caliphate would be enclaves of small emirates, sheikhdoms and fiefdoms separated with hate, based on sectarian lines. Each one of these three is working hard to prove to his enablers in the west he’s more worthy of the throne in a repetition to a similar situation when the Arabian Sherif Hussein of Hijaz was competing with Al Saud from Najd, the Arabian desert, to serve the British bigger Sykes–Picot Agreement to divide the Arab world in the Levant. Al Saud won for being more brutal.

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