Syria: SAA Liberate More Towns – Disturbing Findings

When the terrorists were thought to be winning by their masters in the west, all calls for dialogue and a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis were trashed by the western and regional sponsors of Alqaeda ‘freedom fighters’, but when the tide turned against their agents, everybody is now calling for a ‘peaceful solution’ and a new international peace conference. Syrian state vowed to fight terror and discuss peace based on the facts on the ground. Therefore the Israeli (nuke) raid, the Turkish intelligence bombings in Reyhanieh (Reyhanli), and a chemical weapon craze, now lowered.

In an unexpected location all western mainstream media gives the impression it’s out of the state control, units of the Syrian Arab Army clears a main road, Idleb – Areha road is now safe and cleansed of terrorists and their traces of IEDs – Improvised Explosive Devices. Some of the devices were with remote control and others were wired as part of the ‘humanitarian aid’ Nusra Front terrorists receive from NATO member states.

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