NATO campaign for regime change in Syria continues

Russia and China did not support the proposed UN resolution on Syria because they recognise that it is part of a programme of regime change by western countries, regardless of the will of the Syrian people. Russia and China were angry that western countries used the UN resolution  on protecting civilians in Libya as an excuse to bomb the government of Libya out of power (and killing many civilians in the process) The proposed UN resolution on Syria contains this point : that the UN could ‘Decides to review implementation of this resolution within 21 days and, in the event of non-compliance, to consider further measures’ i.e. the door would have been left open to military actions by US/UK/France/other NATO members, without a further resolution.

It really is insulting people’s intelligence to try and use exactly the same method of regime change as in Libya and with even less justification.

Meanwhile tyrannical undemocratic regimes such as Bahrain, Saudi (members of the Arab league) continue to torture, kill and repress their populations and countries such as the US, the UK and Turkey continue to fund and arm the Syrian opposition, which refuses to entre into peace talks with President Assad

One part of the Syrian opposition has told the Syrian presidents that he and his family will be murdered like Gaddaffi.

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